Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mask of Khatri, a Perilous Intersections and FU walk-through, part 4

Continued from here is the fourth and final part of my Perilous Intersections walk through, examining the last two scenes of my actual play.

For the sixth scene, since I could think of no Fightback Scenes to try and counter the advances made so far, and since most of the questions were already answered, I jumped right into the final Big Boss Fight phase and final confrontation. I rolled to see if there was a last-minute alteration twist to any of the Big Questions, but rolled a no. It was already twisted enough anyway. No seed is required for this scene.

Relajii had the means to magically whisk Aleena back from her confinement in Turmish. She struggles to keep the mask from him, but is unsuccessful.

Relajii's ultimate plot comes to fruition! Aleena fails to contain the situation, and now is liable for whatever consequences come next.
Next is the optional Aftermath phase. I usually like a good denouement to figure out where the world stands. I think I'll be seeing more of Aleena Salenskar in the future, which makes it all the more integral.

I am next going to examine Solo RPG Voyages' One Cube Challenge, and examine if Aleena can clean up her mess.

Perilous Intersections adventure, a failure for our protagonist. But for us? Lots of fun!


  1. Just read the whole thing. Good stuff!

  2. Just read the whole thing. Good stuff!

  3. Glad you enjoyed it. I should be posting another actual play one of these days...