Thursday, February 11, 2016

In and Out of Threshold, part 1

a sandbox game of John Harper’s World of Dungeons rules
random character generation
random dungeon creation through a d6 random generator


Here are the rules I’m considering:
  • I’ll use WoDu’s Die of Fate and a single Rory's Story Cubes die per area generated.
  • I’ll summarize the entire adventure in a few paragraphs, highlighting particular moments.
  • I’ll conduct play by scribbling on a map as I go.

Monsters will have a HD rating, and a mode of attack:
  • weak = 1d6-1
  • moderate = 1d6
  • strong = 1d6+2
  • extreme = 2d6+2

They also may have an armor rating. Multiples of a creature roll a damage die per participant, taking the highest roll. Special abilities are assumed and will make use of partials and misses.

Experience vale (XP) of monsters and hazards are based on the following:
  • 1 HD = 10
  • 2 HD = 15
  • 3 HD = 25
  • 4 HD = 45
  • 5 HD = 75
  • 6 HD = 125
  • 7+ HD = 200

Exhibited special abilities in creatures may bump the value by one or more tiers.

My dungeon generator (a vastly simplified version of one found here) will handle the layout.

When initiating an adventure, first rumors (generated by Story Cubes) will be determined for dungeon location and theme, serving to anchor all future action. Once at the site to explore, roll a Cube for each area. These inspire the sights, sounds, and smells that will give life to the dungeon. The chosen game system will push the fiction forward from there.

Treasure is the source from which heroes earn most of their experience. The presence of treasure is determined if deemed logical, and/or if an effort is made (via avoided trap, monster, search in a logical area). If present, a story cube will determine the form of the treasure. The Die of Fate (d6) will determine its value.
  • 1 = minuscule (1d6 sp)
  • 2 = minor (2d6 sp)
  • 3 = decent (1d6 x 1d6 sp)
  • 4 = abundant (10 x 1d6 sp, plus another item of value)
  • 5 = worthy (10 x 4d6 sp, plus another item of value)
  • 6 = trove (100x 1d6 sp, plus 1d6 other items of value)

If an item of value is rolled (after its nature has been determined by a Story Cube), roll another Die of Fate to determine its value. A treasure roll should be reduced or capped based on the amount of opposition faced during the adventure.

A session must be completed in one go. If the session must end prematurely, the dungeon can be assumed to be fully explored.

The Characters

Only their summaries here, not their full character sheets — all sheets and notes will be handled with actual pen and paper. I've decided to place this in the world of Mystara, right smack in the middle of Threshold, my favorite old school setting from my junior high years.

Dmetrius Lumovich — A local cleric for the Traladaran church. Dmetrius makes inquiries about the death of Aleena Halaran, but secretly seeks reconciliation between his faith and his desire for vengeance.

Piotr Radu-Belovich — Piotr is a childhood friend of Dmetrius, and has become somewhat of a wizard. He desires greater power and knowledge. However, some strange unknown power from the wilds draws him.

Vlad the Wild — A loner and ranger, Vlad has wandered the lands serving as a guide for some time. He travels with his pet gray wolf, Fang. He was once captured by evil elves. He secretly hopes to find and vanquish these troublesome tricksters.

Sara the Strong — An outcast from a mountain tribe, Sara seeks naught but adventure and dominion. Huzzah!

Next… the adventures!

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