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Mask of Khatri, a Perilous Intersections and FU walk-through, part 1

It occurs to me that I have very few walk-through AP's for my Perilous Intersections solo plot driver. I whipped up an example using my favorite ultra-lite, FU by Nathan Russell, which I later dubbed Mask of Khatri. In this first part, I simply go through a character generation process.

I love Forgotten Realms. I don't really know why. It's mostly nostalgic familiarity. Anyway, I'll go with this to generate some anchors and hooks. I decided to use the John Fiore's 9Qs NPC generator to fill in some missing gaps.

I recently came across this picture (credit: Jason Chan art):

An awesome piece of art. Off we go...

Aleena Seranskar


Trained by not one, but two of the Seven Sisters in magic, Aleena is a native of Aglarond. Having served there as the Simbul’s personal handmaiden and a caretaker for the Queen’s house, her talents were recognized, and she served under another purpose.

A devout of Mystra, Aleena is also ordained as a member of the Lady of Magic’s clergy. Under that, she learned not only the secrets of the Art, but of the hearts of men, and the corruption that leads them to their folly. During her studies, she vowed to defy and destroy corruption where she found it.

She traveled to the deep south where corruption was great. In the steaming lands south of the Sea of Fallen Stars, she was captured by wemics. There she stayed with the tribe for months and developed a friendship with a massive male lion. Since then, they have been inseparable.

While working in the south, she met others of her cloth. In tandem, they focused on routing out the evil and corruption in places like Chondath. This was no easy task. The power and corruption was deep and old. She was poisoned by her own kind. Tholamin was a traitor and double-agent in the church and the employ of Lord Wianar of Arrabar. She survived the attempt, but she is now an uncompromising loner.

Aleena Today

Her search has now illuminated some sort of death cult in Arrabar that may or may not be connected to the elite’s corruption in the region. However, several others of her order have perished as sacrifices to the deity in question, their remains dumped in the streets at night after their dark rites. Aleena is trying to route out the group and see if it somehow relates to Wianar’s corruption.


Aleena is slender woman of modest height garbed in common clothing. She has dark brown hair and dark eyes, with a pretty-but-plain face. She wears a cobalt blue cloak about her, and has seemingly few possessions. She carries a dagger with her concealed in one boot. She keeps her magical accoutrements in pouches about her belt.


Aleena is bent on the impossible — routing out ages-old corruption that seeks to destroy the world with unwieldy magical power. Currently, she concentrates on the areas of the south, specifically Chondath. She is tireless and unrealistic about her pursuit.


Aleena is seen traveling abroad with her lion, Rovahan. He is the only companion she trusts. However, in cities, she enters usually alone if there is any alarm from the locals. Rovahan is free to roam the outskirts of town biding his time until Aleena emerges. Sometimes, he tracks her by scent at night by stealth.

Her nemesis is Tholamin, a trusted of Wianar who also serves as a cleric of Mystra. Currently, he believes Aleena to be dead. She wishes to keep this notion intact for the time being. Wianar is currently the subject of her investigation.

She has few friends, though the Simbul and Alustriel Silverhand are beloved mentors and friends. They are far away with problems of their own. Aleena has thought to reach out to the Emerald Enclave, whose aims parallel her own (via a different paradigm). She, however, correctly assumes that the Enclave would have trouble taking her as a trusted ally due to their aversion to sorcery and wizardry.

Stat Block

Concept. Lone Adventuring Sorceress-Priestess of Mystra
Descriptors. Willful, Inconspicuous, High Sorcery, Uncompromising
Gear. Concealed Dagger, Rovahan (Massive Male Lion)
Starting FU Points. 3
Conditions. [ ] Angry, [ ] Scared, [ ] Tired, [ ] Trapped, [ ] Blinded, [ ] Hungry, [ ] Dazed, [ ] Injured, [ ] Dying


Options for spending/earning:

gain 1 for notable inconvenient twist
gain 1 for taking a hit
gain 1 for putting leverage on relationships
spend 1 to use a prop for a scene
spend 1 to use a rule-breaking power granted by a concept or a special thing

I'll cover the first three of ten scenes in the next post with images of notes plus my own commentary.

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