Saturday, August 24, 2013


Here it inaugural post on all topics gaming (well, actual those particularly related to tabletop rpg gaming, and particularly in the solo/GM-less niche). I’m a bit gun-shy here, and not sure if I really will be able to contribute in a meaningful way to the relevant community of bloggers throughout net-space. My first short post here is to give the reader (as well as myself) an idea of what I’ll be posting about, as well as give a shout out to a wonderful fellow contributor on similar topics who I know has been not only influential to me, but also a great number of other gamers.

In dealing with a busy adult life filled with too many obligations and projects to count (and little else but the growing promise of failure to complete so many of them), I find my old childhood hobby incredibly difficult to maintain. I’ve always been interested in the tabletop rpg industry, and am a reader on and many other gaming blogs. I do the best I can trying to keep up with current systems and trends. My collection is small, but I do buy the odd small press indie now and then. However, having a face-to-face group with which to game, even once in a great while, is something I concede is not a part of my life currently nor for the foreseeable future.

Thank the gods that since discovering Word Mill’s Mythic GM Emulator, I have been able to actually find some enjoyment in this regard during the fragmented blocks of my rare free time. My tendencies in the gaming world have led me to lighter and still lighter systems to facilitate the best of use of that limited time between projects. Here, in this blog, I will occasionally post my “aha!” moments, when and if they happen, hoping that those with whom these dilemmas of time management resonate may find useful content or join in discussions. I am still unsure of my post frequency, so I won’t presume to make any pledge or guarantee.

I also will use this blog as an outlet for my solo gaming journals. The idea of having readers (even one or two) may help to motivate me to continue my gaming and journaling. Many old posts I’ve made on I will slowly port over here. In so doing, I hope to find an incentive to keep those personal gaming projects developing.

Second, I’d like to point to a great source of inspiration for me for the past couple of years. If you haven’t been to JF’s Solo Nexus blog, you should (provided this topic is remotely interesting to you). He posts regularly, has wonderful ideas and content relevant to the solo gaming enthusiast, including updates on the newest kickstarter gaming projects that are geared to our particular unique corner of the gaming world.

He’s also devised the brilliant “Nine Questions” solo rpg engine, modeled after film and dramatic play writing techniques that’s been an absolute godsend for my own endeavors. Full of other great advice, content, and interviews, he’s very effectively brought attention to many issues of solo gaming, and fostered a discussion and supportive community of gamers surrounding this topic.

A tip o’ the hat to John Fiore for his wonderful blog!

For my next post, I will talk about some fundamental motivations for my own solo roleplaying sessions, as well as some recurring obstacles, touching on common perspectives about what gaming means.

Welcome to No One To Play With!


  1. Welcome to the "blogosphere"! I look forward to your posts on this niche hobby. I have similar constraints and approaches to solo gaming and rpgs, but it's always good to get different perspectives. John's blog has been an excellent source of inspiration, along with a few others.

    1. Thanks for your warm welcome! I'm thankful we have such a unique and interesting hobby to share. You're right...John's blog is great. Hopefully more of us will share our insights about solo gaming.