Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What next? Mythic D6 Lite...

Yes, I'm still around. Last weekend was the conclusion of another big project that I didn't think would be so big, but turned out to be more nightmarish than a previous bigger project that should've been worse but wasn't. That's a mouthful!

As Emperor Joseph II said, "Well, there it is."

What next?

In any case, my time may be returning to me in little bits. I've been plugging away at part 5 of my new "Return of the Shattered Mail" campaign. My rhythm was interrupted, so it's on pause. I also still have the conclusion of the next chapter in my Drowsbane campaign in the same state of suspended animation.

Whenever I have a break in time, I do some musing, or thinking about new projects or chronicles that will again get the juices of inspiration flowing once again. I have charted out a couple more other one-shot game ideas that will probably not go far and not make it to this blog.

I was reading recently over on the Mythic Yahoo! group that Tom Pigeon is thinking about releasing a 10th anniversary Mythic RPG expanded hardcover, complete with all of his Mythic books (the RPG, GM Emulator, Creature Crafter, and Variations) in one volume with some expanded material. That's awesome! I would so get that...

...however, I digress.

Mythic as a GM Emulator has always been difficult to sustain solo play for me. It's a bit fussy, has a chart that can't be memorized, and too many things to track. Plus, it uses percentile dice; although I'm a gamer, I only have one ten-sider around, and polyhedrals represent a part of gaming past to which I hope never to return. Nevertheless, I like the expansive limitless possibilities of doing sandbox-style gaming with Mythic. However, I always wanted a simpler, d6 version.

Sure, there are lots of variants and improvements on Mythic out there now. However, I drafted a d6 only lite version on which I'll be running a test. Nothing ground-breaking. I'll post it here in the coming days. It uses a dice pool system. I tried to approximate the chances of getting an interrupt similar to the odds in Mythic. My math is not near good enough to know how to figure odds of getting matches (triplets, quadruplets) on a roll of 5d6, 6d6, 7d6, and 8d6, and my google-fu has failed me.

More on my Mythic variant "Epic" coming soon.

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