Friday, September 8, 2017


I haven't posted hear almost at all recently. I'm still puttering with solo play projects and enjoying reading what others are doing with their solo games.

However, I had a moment of inspiration and came up with something new. It's simple, but it's been helping me to shape my solo gaming sessions. Introducing, Impetus...

The solitaire rpg driver to move things forward when you’re stuck.

Impetus is simple, really.

It’s a doohickey for playing tabletop role-play games all alone. It’s a tool that gets you un-stuck when you hit a roadblock. A simple thing that gives a nudge when you need it. In the solo gaming niche, they might call this a driver.

You see, when you sit down to play an rpg, whether it’s that funny game they played at the beginning of E.T., or some other game with books, dice, and pencils, and you’re alone, you need something to help out. Something so that you’re not taking part in a fully scripted premeditated storyline invented by you.

Impetus is essentially a list of universal plot twists combined with a random idea to produce spontaneous events to prod your story along with little fuss and effort.

It's also free.


  1. Thanks for sharing this: I got it and I think it would be a useful form my next Barbarians of Lemuria solo session. I usually use Tiny Solitary Soldiers: solo rpg, that uses FU as a base too, but these tables will be surealy a good addition!

    1. I think it would help with BoL a lot with the moment to moment little twists and surprises to keep pushing the action. Let me know how it goes!

    2. It worked very well because it adds more details but it's still easy and quick to use (I liked Mythic but sometimes I find it a bit too complex)! Since I already played a lot Bol (and Honor+Intrigue) solo I'll probably try it with a more freeform game, probably Warp/Over the Edge or OVA. It's anche experiment...

    3. Happy to hear that! Keep posting if you find anything to tweak (like weak events).