Thursday, March 23, 2017

What's Going On?

I haven't posted much in a while. My last actual play posts using Barbarians of Lemuria (Mythic Edition) were lots of fun, and I may return to that. But my solo hobby allows me to indulge in my gamer ADD desires.

Recently, I've discovered the beautiful game, White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game by Charlie Mason over at Seattle Hill Games. I understand that imminently the game will get a make-over and new name, but it's got my attention at the moment.

I cut my teeth on the old Red Box (Mentzer), and this little gem has got that old feeling coming back. It's also simple enough (Thievery - I'm looking at you!) that I feel I can run a dungeon romp with a handful of characters and not feel overwhelmed. nHere are a few things I'm going to try with it:
  • The Location Crafter. I used this wonderful game attachment by Tana Pigeon for my BoL run back during SGAM 2016. In other tests, I've had more consistently good results. Can this work with an old school crawl? I'm currently finding out. One of the things that helps me set my location results to graph paper is to ask in vague terms of game turns how long does it take to get from one point to another...this immediately suggests dimensions for my rooms and corridors. It also helps me count off resources.
  • The Black Hack. I just love the usage die! Tracking gear is my least favorite part of that old game. This can help me grab an "adventuring pack" with a d12 and roll when I require something. I can even roll 2 or 3 dice, taking the worse result if what I need is rarer or valuable. That's a time saver.
  • Tweaks. Along with tracking gear, I sort of like the fidget-iness of counting encumbrance, but not in a solo game where I have to track lots of other stuff too. Armor will indicate the general movement rate of the character, and a general treasure level chart that I'll devise in increments of impact upon party movement (assuming treasure is easily dividable) will help me see at a glance the effects of a big haul.
Will I post it and finish it? That's to be determined, but I'm having fun at the moment.


  1. Sounds interesting. I looked up "The Black Hack" and I like the idea of a streamlined rpg with only 20 pages. I see there is also something called "Solo Hack"; not sure if it's related, but I think I will look into it further.

    I have had some fun with the Location Crafter. It does take some user setup to get started, but I think that can be a positive as you can design things to suit you and still generate surprises.

  2. Didn't know about the solo hack...I'm unclear about it too. It looks like solo adventures for the Black Hack, but details are scant.

    As far as The Location Crafter setup, yes, it can be a bit of a turn off for jumping in. Yet it can also have a spontaneous design with lots of "expected" or "random" entries until a location starts to take on a flavor...then some of the default entries can be amended on the fly with little set up work.