Sunday, November 6, 2016

Valda and the Desolation of the Fire Coast, part 3

Credit: Donato Giancola
Continued from here, in this part, Valda takes the more direct route...right up to the front door of Paol Steelgard's palace! Things quickly get hot in the third part of my Barbarians of Lemuria solo actual play for the 2016 Solo Gaming Appreciation Month.

In our last session, Valda starting casing the joint. I haven't actually shown the lists upon which the Location Crafter is built. So far, we have the following for the Steelgard compound:

Paol Steelgard’s Temple-Palace of Fyrzon:
  • Locations: expected • expected • expected • random • shrine (U) • special • kitchen (U) • bedchamber (U) • random • armory (U) • complete
  • Encounters: none • none • none • guardian • trap • trap • random • Paol (U) • King Bley (U) • King’s advisors
  • Objects: none • none • none • random • none • random

4. The Gate

She strode up the winding causeway. Her hope was that with the king in audience, there would be less eyes on the front gate.

Q. Does anyone challenge her? (likely) Yes (10)
Q. Are these guards rabble? (50/50) Yes (9) [randomly determine 2 of them]
Q. Do they come out of the gate? (50/50) No (1)
Q. Do others come out of nearby guard positions? (50/50) Yes (9) [randomly determine 6 of them]

Palace Guards (rabble)
Guard 1; 3 LB each (x6); 1d3 damage (d6L horde)

However, when Valda arrived at the gate, two guards shouted out a challenge. She ducked to the side. From out of a guardhouse, six armed men appeared after a shout of warning from the gate. With little room to maneuver, the ice princess put her back to the wall, drawing her sword. The guards looked at one another dubiously, but obliged her.

Battle takes place — Valda takes 1 damage

A fierce melee ensued. The men circled, but could scarcely get through her considerable defenses. They scored a minor hit to her shoulder. She fought like a lioness — with respective ferocity as well as noise. She growled as she made the narrow windy ledge red with blood.

Moderate (0) climb — success (10)

She finished the six, then replaced her sword. She took to the outer wall of the palace and climbed high into the upper levels above. She disappeared silently before the two gate guards came to reinforce their fallen friends. She slipped through a window and tended her wounds. Below, the alarm rang.

Recovery — 1 lifeblood restored

5. Upper Corridor

Location Roll — expected, none, random (3, 3, 6)
Q. What does the object look like? Frighteningly Dirty

When Valda had bandaged her shoulder, she looked around. She was in an outside arcaded corridor overlooking the front portion of the palace. It ran either direction, following the rounded contour of the structure. As such, it obscured what lay beyond either stretch.

She looked over at a pot teeming with flies. Its odor revealed its contents — that of human filth. Most likely, given its presence, this was a guarded way. Valda might have encountered the guard stationed here had the alarm not been triggered.

She drew her sword again and arbitrarily moved to her left.

6. The Kitchen

Location Roll — kitchen, trap, none (7, 5, 5)
Q. How does the trap behave? Deceive Success

The outside corridor passed through a doorway and into a crowded kitchen. The small tiled place was cramped and hot from the furnace and smelled of pungent herbs and spices. A dozen butchered game birds lay on a board, but no blade was within sight.

Angry Cook (tough)
Strength 2, Agility 0, Mind 1, Appeal -1
Melee 2, Ranged 0, Initiative 0, Defense 0
Careers: Cook 1, Worker 1
Lifeblood: 5
Protection: none
Weapons: butcher blade (d6L)

Spot hiding cook — success (10)

Valda sensed that all was not right. The alarm bell still tolled. From a pantry door that was slightly ajar, she noticed faint movement. Suddenly, a large screaming bearded cook with a butcher’s knife came flying out of hiding.

Battle ensues — no damage

A brief scuffle broke out. After a few close exchanges, the butchered cook joined his scattered chickens on the floor.

Q. Does this draw attention? (50/50) Yes (7)

From further beyond, Valda heard the shouts of men and approaching feet. She turned and fled the opposite direction.

As it turns out, Valda is not too subtle. Find out what happens next when she stumbles upon the king...

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