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Powered by FU 2 — “Get Loot!” (Sword & Sorcery), part 2

Continued from here, part two of “Get Loot!”, a solo play report using Freeform Universal by Nathan Russell, and Perilous Intersections.

The Escape Attempt

GM’s FU Points To Use This Scene:

Gedric sat in fear listening to the distant noises. He had to get control of himself15. He shook his head and girded himself. Next, he felt the manacles. They were made of cold hard iron16. He pulled hard against them, feeling the snap of his thumb dislocate to pull his hands free. However, he fell back with a shout, and the iron links clanked loudly together. There was the sound of voices approaching.


Beast Master

Concept: Warrior-priest cultist of Malar
Descriptors: predatory instincts, athletic, uncivilized
Gear: spiked mace
Conditions: ▫️dazed ▫️trapped ▫️slowed ▫️out of action

Scrambling in the pitch blackness, Gedric felt along the wall’s edge, feeling the entry of a corridor way leading to the room17. He was well hidden as a single torch bearing man entered. It was the same one Gedric had followed into the merchant’s inn the previous night — or at least one looking the same dressed all in black with a wolfish face, black bristly facial hair and a grizzled build. The man’s surprise could not be more complete as Gedric leapt out18.

The man saw out the corner of his eye as Gedric leapt out to wrap his arms about his neck. With animal-like reflexes, the man twisted out of harm’s way and threw a glancing blow with a spiked mace he carried. The worst of the swing missed, but Gedric was tossed against the wall, getting winded and dazed.

The bearded man stalks over, now fully in the present moment19. Gedric shakes his head just as the moon looms over him, his weapon lifting to bear. Quick like a mouse, Gedric scurries away, a burst of adrenaline clearing the momentary haze.


Intersection Event

Heading down the only available corridor, Gedric sees light ahead. He tumbles out into a large cavernous area. Many fiery forges are scattered about the floor of the cavern below him, each attended by many figures. All about various perches are several more of the shadowy night monsters Gedric had encountered the previous day. He was easily visible amid the more fierce light.

From behind him came the growling voice of his pursuer, and all about before him, the night monsters transfixed him in their unholy gaze. They groped about, climbing down from their perches to accost the petty thief.


Story Probe

  • Are these dwarves bent into servitude to make some sort of unholy device? Yes!
His quick glance of the cavern floor revealed that these were dwarven craftsmen, each bent by broken spirits, leg shackles binding their legs, all working on some strange device which was being assembled in the center. About the device were several cultists chanting in an endless incantation in low tones. What the contraption was, Gedric didn’t know. Nor did he care more than saving his skin at the moment.


Night Beasts (squad of 4)

Concept: Demonic black gorilla of Malar
Descriptors: cloaked in night, immensely strong, athletic, taloned, vulnerability to the sun
Conditions: ▫️confused ▫️separated ▫️trapped ▫️slowed ▫️out of action


Lair of the Beasts

Concept: Hidden subterranean lair of cult of Malar
Descriptors: twisted ways, dark
Conditions (applied to PC): ▫️lost ▫️dead end ▫️escape

Gedric cursed his luck when he reached for his blades, realizing they were not there. He darted down a side passage20. Several other passages snaked away from the main one, each a twisted water-carved way. Through a series of backtracking, hiding, and moving, he evaded the bearded man and demon apes, all who fanned out in search.

Next, he tried to feel the air currents, seek light, and use his instincts in the dark to try to find an exit to his prison21. He seemed to be working his way further from the forge cavern



  • DL escalates to ‘Overwhelming Odds (+2)’ — enemy plans thwarted for the moment (+), one BQ answered (–), plus a setback (–)
  • seed produced the captured dwarves at forges being guarded by large number of apes
  • story probe succeeded at establishing Why? — constructing some unholy device
  • 1 FU points given due to overwhelming odds
  • 1 GM FU point spent to make Gedric lost

Associated Rolls

17 Does Gedric take advantage of being hidden? Yes, and… [makes the beast master ▪️surprised; is ▪️hidden]
18 Does Gedric incapacitate the man? No, and… [Gedric is ▪️dazed]
19 Does Gedric scurry away in time? Yes, and… [Gedric is not ▫️dazed
20 Does he evade his pursuit? Yes…
21 Does he find an exit? No… [GM Point spent: and he’s ▪️lost]




Fightback Scene: Failed Rescue

GM’s FU Points To Use This Scene: 2

Gedric stopped groping in the dark. It was pointless. Where was he to go? With startling new revelation about his mother — and, truth be told, he had never imagined his mother the martyr type — something awakened in him that he had never before known: legacy. Assuming he was from lowborn stock, or worse yet, the product of a whore, he wanted to learn more. Furthermore, there were some diabolical plan at stake here. Normally, survival of the street dictated that he was extremely self serving. However, he now contemplated that he could perhaps make a strike against two ends — A blow against these horrible cultists, and at the same time rescue those poor dwarves who might know of an exit.

He turned and began tracking his way stealthily back22. The place was a maze, and he was groping along blindly. There was no helping it…he was still hopelessly lost.


Intersection Event

He worked his way along a path by which he could hear distant metallic impacts at rhythmic intervals. Inch by inch he progressed when a incredibly loud boom behind him startled him. He could see nothing. Another bang before him thundered through the cavern. The air was still. He was again trapped. Unseen doors sealed off escape.

Then came the hideous laughter from something evil. Through a stout door came a low bestial voice. “You cannot so easily escape!” it said. “The son of Martyrsblood will not need much longer to wait…”


Stout Door

Descriptors: stout iron, heavy, squeaky
Conditions: ▪️locked ▫️dented ▫️in ruin

Gedric crept to the door and listened. There was no sound from beyond. He studied the lock and withdrew a few hidden picks he kept up his sleeve. Taking his time, he tried to summon calm patience23. However, he became eager as he noted that this was a familiar lock mechanism. He set about working it24.

It’s not long before he heard the satisfying click as the mechanism disengages. He slowly swung the door just wide enough to slip out. Just to maintain the deception, he closed the door behind him and set the lock again.

He continued his way, trying to at least find where his weapons were kept or some other useful items25. He wandered aimlessly, until he saw light ahead. Moving cautiously forward, he peered around a corner to observe a room with a few cots, some dried foods and a jug of wine. He spied his sabers in their sheaths leaning against a wall. However, another black-garbed cultist sat on the floor in the middle of the room, a cruel double-headed axe in his lap. His eyes were closed as though he was in some trance or meditation.

Acting with determined desperation, Gedric leapt into the room26. He rolled, snatched his blades, throwing off the sheaths and got their two tips under the man’s throat before he could get to his feet.

“Careful!” warned Gedric. “Let go of that axe haft and I might let you live a bit longer,” he promised27. He was good at lying, but this time, he really meant it.

However, these cultists were savages enthralled the passions of the beast. The man rolled back away and reached to snatch up his axe. However, Gedric clearly had the upper hand28. Gedric hacked away. The larger man was surprisingly agile and quick for his size and darted out of reach. Next, Gedric played to his conniving nature, and continued forward seemingly recklessly with his two blades29, hoping to lure his opponent into false feelings of martial superiority. However, the man snarled, anticipating Gedric’s next move. The cultist spun in perfect synchronicity to the thief and pounced on his exposed flank30. A powerful swat of the flat of his axe head sent Gedric flying. He struck a wall and went unconscious.



  • DL remains at ‘Overwhelming Odds (+2)’ (maximum) for getting a setback
  • no BQ’s clarified (Story Probe never came to be due to fiction)
  • seed produced a trap
  • 1 FU points given due to setback
  • 2 GM FU points spent to modify roll #27
  • no seeds remain

 Associated Rolls

22 Does he find his way back? No.. [1 FU point spent to re-roll a 3, remains a 3]
23 Does he create calm patience for himself? No, but… [he has encountered this sort of lock before]
24 Does he unlock the door? Yes, and… [he opens it quietly; he’s no longer ▫️trapped]
25 Does Gedric find his sabers? No, and… [1 FU point spent to re-roll a 1] Yes, but… [the room is guarded by a cultist]
26 Does Gedric get to his sabers before the man can react? Yes, and… [he gets them leveled at the man’s throat before he gets to his feet]
27 Does Gedric get the cultist to surrender? [2 GM Points spent to tip the odds] No, but… [he has the upper hand in the duel]
28 Does Gedric inflict harm on the cultist? No…
29 Does Gedric lure the cultist into a false sense of martial superiority? No, and… [the tables are turned, giving Gedric’s opponent the upper hand]
30 Does Gedric defend himself? No, but… [the cultist spares his life; Gedric is ▪️unconscious; 1 FU point earned]

Stay tuned later this week for the final showdown...

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