Sunday, August 3, 2014


Hello! Well, after promising I would have a new shiny solo engine out by week's end, here I am! It's the new week starting, and still no new solo game. It has turned out to be more work than I thought. What started as an unclear idea seed became a bit unwieldy after setting it down on paper.

I am in the play testing phase of Perilous Intersections. It looks like it's in need of more testing. Some areas are still in need of polish. Once I am satisfied, I'll want to go back through and trim as much as I can. One thing I like are elegant systems with lower page counts. This one is above that optimum threshold to my taste, so there's still work to be done.

Perhaps a preview for you to get the idea out. The tin says:

  • A scene-framing engine for the solo rpg gamer that leaves plenty of room to interact with and contribute to scene details via your favorite rpg system
  • A method of interpretation, whereby conflicts move from targeting motivations to the PC directly
  • A system of slowly revealing an emergent plot line, keeping the player guessing until the end (Great for murder-mystery adventures!)
  • A system that elevates dramatic tension and pushes a final threat in front of the PC
  • Dynamic adventure-building, where the PC’s own motivations and principles are tested, and can change as the threat asserts itself
  • PCs can work to gain edges, gaining or losing leverage, and with it, the ability to stem the final threat
  • Plot twists are naturally introduced through the simple interpretation filter of intersections
  • A system of balancing random prompts with player choice to build a narrative that can feel like the back-and-forth of playing with a live person
  • A simple system for scaling danger that reacts to successful and unsuccessful character action resolution
There are the highlights. I feel like I'm reinventing the wheel here. Hopefully it's not the case...I definitely have many inspirations that I'll credit. No date of completion estimates — but I'll try not to let it drag on forever.


  1. This is great! Makes me very happy to see development in the solo rpg community.
    Can't wait to see what you cook up.

  2. Work hard! Work fast!
    we are hungry of updates!

  3. Sorry for the silence! It's been more than a month. I've done layout, and although I wanted more playtesting than I got, I just need to edit more. Real life started up and it's been hard to find time to sit down for more than ten minutes. I still hope to get it out, but it needs some more work. I may just release it as a beta and solicit some feedback.